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Scandinavian ships repaired in Shipyard


            Office:   + 48 501 455 075

The Shipyard "PARSĘTA” in Port of Kolobrzeg, Poland was established in 1992 by Tomasz Jawdyk &  Marek Cieślak. The Shipyard has own quay, as well as social buildings and the workshop (including a large hall in where ships up to 25 m length are built). Over 12 years of experience give our firm the strong position on shipbiulding market. are Numerous shipowners from Poland and Scandinavia are our clients. We offer wide range of shipbuilding and shiprepair services. It was our great achievement to erect  two fishing boats made of stainless steel. Shipyard “PARSĘTA” still extends and reaches for new ideas and technical solutions.





Thanks to many years of experience and well qualified crew we can offer wide scope of work. Our ships are made with the highest precission and  we use the best materials commercially available. We work under supervision of Polish Register of Shipping (PRS), DNV, BV – according to wishes of the client.

 The Shipyard “PARSĘTA” offers:


  • Building of ships up to 30 m length

We have our own design office and we can project ships and their sub-assemblies. We have built many ships so far (including two, that were built of stainless steel). In the first quarter of 2002 three ships were simultaneously being built in Shipyard’s hall. In june 2005 we started preparations for building two fishing boats of 15 m length.


  • Complex repair of ships

-         replacement of damage parts of hull

-         repair corroded parts

-         improvement of deck devices for examle: trawlwinch, winchkopf

-         machinery works

-         repair main engines and auxilIary engines


  • Modernizations of boats

The modernization includes constructional changes and in case of fishing boats – replacement fishing equipment for more eficient. We realize many ship modernization contracts . The Shipyard lengthens aft part of ships and we can even shift the deck to higher position. We constuct new decks to increase the level of industrial safety and to make the decks more suitable in use. We install special Danish superstructures made of aluminium, which are more corrosion-proof. The Shipyard adapts holds for transport and processing of fish.


  • Repair of trawldoors

We improve the trawldoors which lost their hydrodynamical features during the exploatation.


  • Building of  nozzle propellers

The Shipyard constructs and builds  nozzle propeller for all kinds of ships and we can also install them, that is our speciality. Our nozzle propellers were tested many times and there were no damage caused of defective construction.


  • Erecting of trawlwinches, winchkopfs and netdrums

We build trawlwinches, netdrums and winchkopfs for all kind of fishing vessels. During the constructing of fishing equipment we use the modern technical ideas that help us to maximalize their efficiency.


  • Inspection of underwater part of hull without docking

Thanks to qualified divers we can find the damage of underwater part of the hull without the docking. We can even repair the underwater part hull if it is not a very serious failure. After the inspection and repair we issue the certificate of compliance


  • We offer also turning, shipfitting and welding services under supervision of PRS, DNV, BV – according to wishes of the client.


  •  Contact

If you have any questions please contact us:


                            our address:

                            Stocznia "PARSĘTA"

                            ul. Stoczniowa 14a

                            78-100 Kołobrzeg


  tel/fax:                            +48 94 355 14 60

            Office:                + 48 501 455 075


e-mail: parseta@parseta.portkolobrzeg.pl


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